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At Better Cycling our aim is to provide everything you need to improve your cycling in one place. We believe that everyone has the potential to improve. Better Cycling have the coaches and facilities to help you fulfil your potential and achieve your goals. Meet the team on this page and then browse our website to look at the FTP fitness assessments, state of the art Retul bike fitting, cycle coaching packages and training camps.

Our team

Michael Wilson BSc (Hons) Sports & Exercise Sciences

  • Head Coach
  • Sports Scientist
  • Retül Bike Fitter
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

10420088_764747490231986_774441116043747211_nMichael is a sports scientist with several years of experience in cycle coaching as well as being a certified Retül University bike fitter. Michael’s expertise is in the field of performance testing and application to training. This has been adapted over time through his experiences as both an athlete and a coach. He now helps cyclists and triathletes fulfil their maximal potential through proven coaching techniques, fitness testing and training plans.

Prior to starting his own business in 2014 Michael completed a Sports and Exercise Science degree at Lancaster University. He developed his coaching skills under the mentorship of Terry Bell at the renowned Mercury Performance Coaching. Today Michael offers a wide range of services including fitness testing, cycle coaching and is a certified Retül bike fitter (a state of the art and top of the range, infra-red dynamic bike fit). Michael’s bike fitting expertise ensures that riders are in the optimal position for both comfort and efficiency

10436327_10152126497316200_583495907417442682_nMichael is a keen sportsman himself with a background in rugby and then triathlons. He is now a keen and successful cyclist. Having ridden long distance sportives, alpine tours, and competed in road races, criteriums and time trials he has the necessary personal experience to enhance his coaching skills for each of these disciplines. Michael is successfully coaching a large number of athletes  participating in all aspects of cycling. This along with his academic background in Sports & Exercise Science has given Michael a wealth of knowledge on the demands of these events, and what it takes to be in the optimum condition for them.

Based in both Leeds and Lancaster Michael is ideally placed to offer comprehensive fitness testing, cycle coaching and bike fitting to clients across the north of the country. Michael can be contacted by telephone on 01524 735555, mobile 07889545135, or using our web form.

Dani Trinca MSc in Bioengineering

  • Triathlon Coach
  • Degree and MSc in Bioengineering (with a special interest in motion analysis and biomechanics)
  • BTF British Triathlon Coach (Level 2)
  • Running mechanics and gait analysis CE Course

daniDani is our triathlon coach and biomechanical expert at Better Triathlon and Better Cycling. His background and expertise is bioengineering, a key and often-underestimated aspect of sports performance. He is a qualified triathlon coach and now uses both of these skills to assist triathletes fulfil their maximal potential through proven coaching techniques, fitness testing and training plans.

Born in Milan, Italy, Dani grew up enjoying summer and winter holidays in the Italian Alps mountain biking and skiing. Dani is a keen and accomplished athlete who has participated in a broad range of sports. Having played and coached basketball for several years he then developed an interest in road running. From running he moved to competing in triathlons and has gradually increased the distance of these from sprint to Ironman distances.

Dani has completed several sprint and standard distance races, 3 Half Ironman distance (PB: Mallorca 70.3 5:00:21), 5 Ironman distance (PB: Challenge Roth 2013 10:34:35). He has also completed 7 marathons (with a PB of 2:53:59, Munich 2016).

Prior to moving to the UK in 2008 Dani completed a Bioengineering degree and MSc at Politecnico of Milan. He developed his coaching skills under the watchful eye of Alvin Cooney at the renowned Train4triathlon Coaching. Dani offers a wide range of services including fitness testing, Triathlon coaching and biomechanical assessments including running analysis.

Dani brings a broad range of coaching and biomechanical skills to the team at Better Triathlon and Better Cycling. He has an in depth knowledge on the demands of triathlon events, and what it takes to be in prime condition for them. Dani has a specialist interest in the use of power based analysis for running using the Stryd.

Based in Leeds Dani is ideally placed to offer comprehensive fitness testing, triathlon coaching and biomechanical assessments to clients across the north of the country. Dani can be contacted by telephone on 01134 4140804, mobile 07787081642, or using our web form.

Fraser Rounds BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

fraser-roundsFraser has been with Better Cycling since early 2016 and has since coached athletes to Ironman success, huge improvements in time-trial performance and completion of multiple day stage Gran Fondo’s. Since the beginning he has valued the importance of working closely with an athlete to communicate their goals and aims. This really is key to make sure that the training is specific and focused to their requirements as well as being able to adapt the training workload on the fly.

He has raced with Team KTM UK and is continuing on as a rider racing within the British Professional peloton for 2018. Gaining this sort of knowledge is highly useful when it comes to knowing the demands and requirements to race at all levels in the UK. He also has some great experience of racing in Belgium, should clients need information on where is best to race and stay Fraser will certainly be able to help you.

Based between Stamford, Lincolnshire and Leeds for completion of his MSc in Sports and exercise Physiology it allows coverage of a wide area for mobile fitness testing and meeting with clients. Testing plays a pivotal role when planning training to make sure that it is prescribed appropriately for maximum adaptation. Hopefully all of this he will be able to bring out the best of your cycling ability.

Hannah Drewett BSc Honors in Sports Science & Physiology

Hannah is a professional middle distance triathlete, University of Leeds Graduate with a BSc Honors in Sports Science & Physiology, and a Level 2 STA swim instructor. She has been based at the Leeds Triathlon Centre for the past 5 years training alongside the Elite British Triathlon squad. She has over 15 years of competitive swimming background experience and racing triathlon internationally for 6 years. She has been selected for GB elite teams at championship competitions and raced at the University World Championships. In 2016 she moved to middle distance triathlon and podiumed at Weymouth 70.3 in her depute season, this was followed by racing at the World Pro 70.3 Championships in 2017.

Being an athlete and coach herself she can first hand relate and understand the demands of sport, particularly with female athletes. She has learned from the best triathletes and coaches and can use this knowledge to help others become their very greatest and achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. Coach athlete relationship is formed on trust, the most important quality, and as an athlete she has a natural determination to impact positive change, applying this to both her training and to others.

Hannah is known for her swimming prowess, leading out swim’s consistently in the pro field. She also offers tailored 1:1 private swim lessons from beginner to advanced level swimmers. This includes stroke analysis to improve swimming efficiency as well as improve endurance and speed. Perfect for anyone wanting to enter the triathlon world! These sessions are primarily based in Stamford; however alternative locations can be arranged.

She is an athlete made in Yorkshire, training alongside the Rio female team throughout her university years, gaining invaluable experiences. In 2017 she moved from Leeds to rolling TT roads of Stamford, perfect grounds for tempo rides. She coaches clients in both Leeds and Stamford area.

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