Our Team – Fraser Rounds

Fraser Rounds BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

fraser-roundsFraser has been with Better Cycling since early 2016 and has since coached athletes to Ironman success, huge improvements in time-trial performance and completion of multiple day stage Gran Fondo’s. Since the beginning he has valued the importance of working closely with an athlete to communicate their goals and aims. This really is key to make sure that the training is specific and focused to their requirements as well as being able to adapt the training workload on the fly.

He has raced with Team KTM UK and is continuing on as a rider racing within the British Professional peloton for 2018. Gaining this sort of knowledge is highly useful when it comes to knowing the demands and requirements to race at all levels in the UK. He also has some great experience of racing in Belgium, should clients need information on where is best to race and stay Fraser will certainly be able to help you.

Based between Stamford, Lincolnshire and Leeds for completion of his MSc in Sports and exercise Physiology it allows coverage of a wide area for mobile fitness testing and meeting with clients. Testing plays a pivotal role when planning training to make sure that it is prescribed appropriately for maximum adaptation. Hopefully all of this he will be able to bring out the best of your cycling ability.

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