Our Team – Gary Sadler

Gary, has been involved in cycling for 42 years and brings several generations of racing and coaching knowledge and experience to the team.

As a former professional cyclist, Gary has gleaned experience and knowledge racing with the very top echelons of the sport, including Grand Tour, Classics, World and Commonwealth Champions.

Gary’s achievements include selection and racing internationally for Great Britain (road and track), World and Commonwealth Medallist, multi British Champion (from school boy to masters) and thirty times National Medallist.

Coaching and Team Management experience includes directing North West Teams and being instrumental in developing a number of youth and junior riders on to Continental and World Tour Teams. In addition Gary has provided structured training plans for older riders in order for them to take part in Sportives such as The Fred Whitton and Ride London.

Gary’s ethos is to give what he describes as “the extra percent” – to provide clients with a desire to race and ride at their optimum best by converting their hard training and watts in to increased performance and results. Clients will benefit from a tailor made structured programme including tactical planning, strategy and psychological preparation. Training plans are formulated to include a combination of old school methods with the enhancement of new physiological science. It is Gary’s strong belief is that hands on coaching is equally as important as training plans and where possible aims to provide one on one development sessions.

Being driven to develop both younger and older riders, Gary believes that whatever your lever, no matter where you are now, you can always improve. It is about starting with what you “can do”, not with what you can’t.

Client testimonial

I’ve been working with and being coached by Gary for about 2 years and it has been a fantastic experience. Looking back through my training diaries, there has been a huge improvement in my race results and the training I’m doing now is more targeted and structured. This season I’ve taken 27s off my time for 10, regularly been in top 10s at road races and achieved a top 20 at the national HC. One of the most important factors has been Garys advice about race tactics and also mental preparation and I feel more confident that I know how to ride, and when and how to force gaps on the road, but also to be critical of my performances and learn from each.

The biggest difference to my training has been to learn about and adopt the Seiler 80/20 split approach on Garys advice. I now really appreciate the value of learning when to ride hard and when to take it easy. I’ve increased the time I’m on the bike each week by about 30-40%, and I’m and going harder in interval sessions but still feeling fresher for it. We’ve been out and done sessions on the road together which has been fantastic.

It’s great working with someone who has such a genuine passion for racing and seeing improvements and knowing he’s been there, done it and is still doing it makes Garys advice all the more valuable. I’m looking forward to next season!

Dave Huck

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