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Training without structure prevents athletes from reaching their potential. FTP Cycle Coaching offers a variety of coaching and assessment packages to suit the needs of those looking to return to fitness through to those who race competitively and elite athletes. They are all designed to facilitate clients reaching their potential and to fulfill their objectives.

FTP Cycle Coaching recognize that everyone’s needs and time constraints are different. Training programs are tailored to an individual’s requirement to take these factors into account. The programs are incorporated online into Training Peaks; widely acknowledged as the leading training software analysis. Daily email reminders are provided outlining the training program for that day.

Coaching packages

Bronze (entry level) Silver (regular) Gold (advanced)
Full rider assessment icon icon icon
Establish goals icon icon icon
Training Peaks account icon icon icon
Training Peaks plan icon icon icon
Training Peaks premium £6 £6 n/a
Feedback Fortnightly Weekly Unlimited
Plan Edits Additional cost Monthly Unlimited
Re-testing £50 6 per year 10 per year
Lactate testing £30 £30 2 per year
Race tactics icon icon icon
Retul bike fit £120 (20% off) £105 (30% off) £90 (40% off)

Entry / Bronze level

14311318121_7cd8056cea_kIdeal for those wanting to return to fitness / loose weight, or clients new to cycling:

  • A detailed monthly online training program in Training Peaks.
  • Feedback provided every 2 weeks by e-mail or phone.
  • Amendments to training plan made at an additional cost.
  • Re-testing discounted by 50% to £49
  • Minimum Term 3 months.

£55 / month or 12 months for £49 / month

Regular / Silver level

Designed to take riders to the next level with advanced coaching techniques and analysis. This is combined with regular testing and feedback.

  • A detailed weekly online training program in Training Peaks.
  • Feedback provided on a weekly basis and free re-testing is included every 8 weeks.
  • Minimum Term 3 months

£75 / month or 12 months for £67 / month

Advanced / Gold level

IMG_1867Aimed at cyclists wanting to achieve their maximum potential and for those who race competitively. Power and heart rate based programs will help athletes to achieve their ultimate goals.

  • Weekly training programs and online analysis with Training Peaks.
  • The program allows unlimited (daytime) contact. Feedback is daily / weekly dependent upon requirements.
  • Free regular testing is included to optimize performance.
  • Lactate testing twice per year.
  • Minimum Term 3 months

£99 / month or 12 month for £90 / month

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