P1000918Paul Robson: It can be difficult deciding to get a coach as an amateur cyclist, I made the decision knowing that I wanted to put the work in to become a better cyclist, but not knowing what training I needed to do when. After working with Mike over the last couple of years I haven’t looked back, my power output has increased by 30% whilst losing over a stone in weight and I still feel I’m getting stronger.

Mike has taken the guesswork out of cycling and provides clear structure to achieve your goals. He is always available for feedback and knows the right thing to say to keep you on track and motivated. Particularly Mike’s commitment to understanding new technology and approaches in cycling has impressed, showing he is genuinely interested and cares about coaching, whilst this keeps the training always interesting.

P10008964-150x150Simon Jones: Mike has been my coach was over a year and has been helping me massively. His structured training has meant an increase in my FTP from 250W to around 300W. This, and an increase in my P:W (power to weight) ratio, has meant my best performances ever!

I managed to come second in a local sportive, 19th out of 2000 in the Etape du Cymru, and spent only 7 hours riding the Etape du Dales, to mention just a few. I have found using a power meter at home and on the road a great way of staying on top of my training, and realised that you aren’t telling yourself the truth if you are using over measurements!

Bike Fit

grant latimerGrant Latimer:  If you’re going to spend a few thousand pounds on a new bike or frame, invest in a bike fit first to make sure you get the size that fits you right, not just the one the shop has in stock.

I was a long time away from riding after doing fairly well as a junior back in the 80s so l was fairly confident l knew what size l needed when l got back into riding. A trip to visit Mike, made all the difference though. A longer stem, change in cleat position, bit forward on the saddle, drop the bars a bit more.

None of the changes were drastic, but the difference in comfort and feel was fantastic. A couple of months later l am riding the cycle leg of the Phuket Triathlon and finished with the 4th fastest time, not bad for an old fella. My next bike will be a frame size smaller, thanks to what l learned from visiting Mike.

Duncan FinalDuncan Rodger: There comes a time when you just have to ask the opinion of a professional! After years of suffering a stiff and painful hip, and the incompetence of numerous bike shop ‘bike fits’, I was advised to seek the advice of Mike at Better Cycling………what a revelation.

Mike put me through my paces and assessed my flexibility, and core strength, prior to doing a Retul bike fit; the results have been remarkable , I am now completely pain free, feel much more efficient at generating power, and feel part of my bike, not perched on top of it.

Mike’s professional skills, and the objective measurements of the Retul Bike Fitting system, are the perfect combination if you’re looking to maximise the efficiency, and comfort of your cycling.

I am an experienced Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, and I will be recommending Mike to my clients who require an opinion on Bike Fitting and cycle training.

Only one question remains……why on earth did I wait so long??

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